Are you starting a new business? Or re-branding your existing one?

PIXEL VISUAL STUDIOS LLC is perfect solution for branding your business paired with an exceptional online presence. We take care of it all. An amazing, mobile and tablet friendly website, eye catching logo designs, business cards, advertising material and more! If that’s not enough, all our packages offer Unlimited Revisions! That’s right. You can make as many revisions as you’d like on all your projects until you feel your design has reached its full potential!.

If you’re seeking our services, nothing is more important than selecting a company that embraces this distinction. Whether you need graphic design services for a brochure, a website or product packaging. We Design, Print, Build & Install.

Why Us

We are a talented team of designers, programmers, illustrators, and strategists dedicated to the art of design and selling product.

Our comany have more than 10 years experience in Chicago creating print and online identities, communications, and marketing strategies for large and small businesses. If you are interested in renewing your company’s image or simply improving an existing corporate design, our team of award-winning creative graphic designers, website developers and programmers will offer you the dedication, time and quality your project deserves.


Every project is different, but our approach is always guided by the same principle: the more we get to know about our clients and their goals, the better the results. So we ask questions, lots of questions, to create a roadmap of where you are and where you want to go. Then we roll up our sleeves and get to work to take you there. We take a comprehensive approach to every scenario to create a brand for you that extends across all platforms – logo design, website design, marketing video production, packaging, trade show displays — providing you with expertise, ideas, and options every step of the way. We know that technology never stands still, and we stay abreast of the latest modalities and trends. Our goal is your goal: to create an identity that exquisitely captures who you are, and an online strategy that sells your product
our clients

Some of our clients have worked with us for years, from initial logo design to an annual refresh of a website — as ever-changing technologies and fashions demand. Some work with us when they simply need our help, and fast. The nature of the relationships may vary, but we’re equally focused on bringing value to all of them.


PIXEL VISUAL STUDIOS LLC is dedicated to providing you with the most reliable and professional. We specialize in custom made web design and graphics, quick turn around times, unlimited revisions blended with a friendly and professional experience. Of course we don’t stop there. We want your custom design to not only fit in but to stand out and thrive in today’s. When working with our team you can rest assured that your project will be professional, user friendly and fulfilled on time.


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